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RapidFire Domain Auction

Low Reserve, High Speed

If you’re an emerging domain investor or if you’re new to domain auctions, then this one’s for you.
The RapidFire Domain Auction is all about low- and no-reserve names.

A third of all commissions will be donated to  Entrepreneurs for Knowledge to help build schools in Africa.

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  • The RapidFire Domain Auction takes place on Day 1 of NamesCon Online (September 22). There will be no pre-bidding and no extended auction. This means you have to be in the (virtual) room to take part.
  • Our goal is to sell the entire roster of names during the NamesCon Online RapidFire Domain Auction. This means names will be priced accessibly.
  • You must be a registered NamesCon Online attendee and register as an attendee with RapidFire to bid on names for this auction. Register for NamesCon Online here if you don’t have your ticket yet.

How do I take part?

Submission are now closed.
You must register as an attendee with RapidFire using your Namescon ticket number to bid.
Please make sure your Zoom name is set to the name you registered with before joining to avoid any buyer identification issues!


RapidFire Domain Auction FAQs

RightOfTheDot Premium Domain Auction

Big Names, Big Numbers

This high-stakes, high-reward auction is for those who are truly ready to bring their A-game…
the high-rollers of the domaining world!

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Coming at us live from a broadcast studio, world champion auctioneer Wayne Wheat will run this show at a rapid pace as he and RightOfTheDot President Monte Cahn auction off a hand-picked selection of super-premium names. This is the auction where you make power moves that add mega-value to your digital asset portfolio. The numbers in play are no joke: NamesCon has seen names sell for well over $1,000,000 before our very eyes, while eagle-eyed investors have pounced on hidden gems for just a few grand.

  • The auction takes place on Day 2 of NamesCon Online (Thu, Sep 23 at 7 pm UTC) on
  • Pre-bidding is now live with new domains being added daily.
  • This auction requires separate bidder account verification through RightOfTheDot. 

Submissions remain open, so if you have super-high quality names to sell at auction, you can submit them here. ROTD is meticulous in its appraisal process—only the creme de la creme of names will make it to the auction!

Everything you know about domain names comes into play when you bid for a name, as you test your nerves against your peers in the room—and, in the premium auction, against colleagues and new investors around the world through live online bidding.


ROTD Domain Auction FAQs

Flamingo Handshake Auction

Jumpstart your decentralized portfolio with high-quality Handshake TLDs—especially emoji domains— in the Flamingo Handshake Auction. This is your chance to get instantly-recognizable emoji and single-word TLDs destinations on the decentralized internet, while seeing just how hot these names are getting.

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Flamingo Handshake Auction FAQs