Ready to Unlock the Power of Domain Names for your Brand?

Ready to Unlock the Power of Domain Names for Your Brand?

You’ve come to the right place.

Next NamesCon Online Conference

Wednesday, January 27 - Friday, January 29, 2021

“How do I build a brand with only a domain name?”

“How does the domain industry fit into the rest of the tech industry?”

“How do I anticipate which name will resonate with customers?”

The Entrepreneur

You’re an entrepreneur: you’re blazing your own trail. Maybe this is your first rodeo, and maybe you have some successful startups (and an exit or two) under your belt. You know that the domain name industry is closely tied to branding and e-commerce, and you want this dynamic to work for you.

To be successful in turning a domain into a business, you need:

  • Face-to-face access to entrepreneurs who have accomplished this
  • A better understanding of how internet traffic really works
  • Connections with domain-industry movers and shakers who have access to the very best names to fit your emerging brand

Join us at our next event

NamesCon Online, January 27-29

NamesCon is the biggest domain industry event series in the world, and we’re growing alongside this dynamic industry. From our flagship event NamesCon Global to the more intimate NamesCon Europe series, we’ve been bringing domainers face to face with each other and all aspects of the domain industry since 2012. When you join the NamesCon community, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly crowd, including the individuals who built this industry as we know it. At NamesCon, you aren’t just connecting with the right people to help you reach your business goals, but the ones who shape the industry itself. 

Our next event is NamesCon Online 2021, running January 27-29. This event is geared toward networking and increasing your knowledge base. You’ll go in-depth on topics such as:

  • How successful businesses have developed from domain names, and vice versa
  • The state of the overall industry and what’s coming next
  • Valuation and monetization of domain names

The NamesCon Online domain auction will give you a chance to score a brand-friendly name right away, leveraging what you’ve just learned and who you’ve connected with. You’ll also make new friends along the way in this person-to-person business.

NamesCon goes Online

The domain industry is surging as it helps individuals and small businesses pivot and grow online. Having the right domain name isn’t just a key to success—it’s crucial to survival for most businesses in a post-pandemic world.

NamesCon Online brings the NamesCon experience straight to your home office with a full-spectrum virtual conference—complete with keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, networking, and partner events.

A stable platform, easy networking, and exciting on-demand presentations are a great antidote for “Zoom Exhaustion”. NamesCon Online runs January 27-29th, 2021 to deliver global and regional content to the entire domaining world at once. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in the loop!



  • Access to great live and on-demand content
  • Network with fellow investors, industry experts, and key industry players from around the globe
  • Flexible integration into your workday
  • Access NamesCon Online from any of your devices—or several at once
  • Save time and money, leave a smaller environmental footprint


$ 79

DNAcademy Bundle

All the benefits of the Standard Pass, plus:

  • Two exclusive DNAcademy sessions during NamesCon Online
  • A one-year subscription to DNAcademy, where newcomers and veterans master the arts of buying, selling, brokering, and investing in domain names

This is like getting the NamesCon Online ticket for free!


$ 499


If this will be your very first NamesCon event, then join us as our guest! First-time investors, this one’s for you.

This limited offer is only for first-time attendees: take this quick survey to get one of the remaining free passes.



Industry Experts Love NamesCon

Here’s what some of the most influential voices in domaining have to say about NamesCon.

Huge thanks to the whole team @NamesCon – this was one of the most organized, content-packed digital events I’ve been a part of 🚀 I can’t imagine how much work it took to get all of this organized, massive thanks to this amazing team – you rock! 🙏
Morgan Linton Bold Metrics
My biggest takeaway from NamesCon Online is it needs to be permanent.
Raymond Hackney TLD Investors
The easy to use platform, professional production values and fresh, compelling content made it hard to believe this was NamesCon's first try at producing a virtual show.
Ron Jackson Domain Name Journal
From screen to shining screen… NamesCon Online truly has transformed the conference experience for the best and brightest minds from across the globe to simultaneously connect, share, and grow together. Affordable. People. Content. Networking. Invaluable.
Alvin Brown
Thank you NamesCon for pioneering the #domainnames industry into the virtual future. I had low expectations but came away incredibly impressed. Well done all around. Somehow I feel like it made people closer and nicer even if we were further apart. Had some fun too! Onward!
Andrew (Drew) Rosener Media Options

A Global Digital Experience

This virtual conference delivers the elements you know from our in-person events—and more—in a brand-new way, on a platform built for networking. NamesCon Online features a packed agenda with keynotes, live streams, expert round tables, region-specific learning, and prime connection opportunities.

Content and Sessions

  • Live expert sessions and panels
  • On-demand content
  • Global and region-specific programming
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Expert Q&A and roundtables

Network and Interactivity

  • 1-on-1 video chats
  • Networking lounge
  • Gamification
  • Intuitive matchmaking
  • Live polls and quizzes

Virtual Exhibition/Sponsorship

  • Virtual company areas
  • Live chat with partner companies and industry associations
  • Latest product updates
  • Promotional offers and swag
  • Business and partnership opportunities

Message From NamesCon's CEO

Let NamesCon CEO Soeren von Varchmin give you a heads-up on what to expect at NamesCon Online 2021. This is where the whole industry gathers to network, learn, share, and make deals happen.

NamesCon Online Auctions

Wednesday, January 27 - Friday, January 29, 2021