RapidFire Domain Auction

Low Reserve, High Speed

If you’re an emerging domain investor or if you’re new to domain auctions, then this one’s for you.
The RapidFire Domain Auction is all about low- and no-reserve names.

A third of all commissions will be donated to Entrepreneurs for Knowledge to help build schools in Africa.

The auction will take place in a Zoom webinar, the link will be available on the NamesCon event platform.
Don’t forget! To bid you will need to use your NamesCon ticket to register with the RapidFire platform, and set your Zoom display name to the name you registered with (so we know who is bidding!).

And here is the list of domains that will be auctioned


Reserve Price ($)

Charity Domain
FancyKicks .com No Reserve
Charity Domain BuyMailbox .com No Reserve
Charity Domain e .cfd No Reserve
Charity Domain WoodenBeds .com No Reserve
Charity Domain CakeCovers .com No Reserve
Charity Domain BedroomHeadboard .com No Reserve
Charity Domain NFTAssistance .com No Reserve
Charity Domain NorwegianMeat .com No Reserve
Charity Domain RobotMinions .com No Reserve
Charity Domain WalletWolves .com No Reserve
ARGarden .com 350
Assistanty .com 100
AudioDance .com 100
AzaleaRose .com 100
BeachfrontChateau .com 500
BluntCasa .com 400
IZTI .com No Reserve
BuyDutchChocolate .com No Reserve
CanvasSquare .com 500
ChinDoctor .com 100
ClosingEscrow .com 100
ConnectNeuron .com 100
Uncontestable .com 250
DarkGang .com No Reserve
DesignerSpecials .com 500
DinnerHut .com 100
DogCustody .com 500
ElectricFoldingScooter .com 500
EliteGadgets .com 500
EmbryoApp .com 100
FabulousBurger .com 500
FineSalmon .com 100
Subjectable.com 500
FlipWrecks .com 250
ForSaleMalibu .com 400
FuriousFelines .com 450
GlobalTechExpo .com 100
GrabWaste .com 100
GVYT .com 200
HeroDough .com 100
JLME .com 500
Killerideas .com 500
LetsTalkCoins .com 100
leafswag .com 100
LeaseAnRV .com 299
LittleWino .com No Reserve
LunarPhoto .com 500
LuxVeg .com 500
MediNursing .com 100
MobileLearners .com 350
MortgageVenue .com No Reserve
NeuraGear .com 100
Neuraloid .com No Reserve
NFTtutor .com 250
OceansideBeachfront .com 500
OpenOysters .com No Reserve
PlusEditor .com 100
PVJE .com 300
religiousmystery .com No Reserve
RetinaLens .com No Reserve
RevitalizeOil .com 150
RobotSchema .com 100
SpotAuction .com No Reserve
SteakSubstitute .com 400
SweetJoint .com 100
TokenizeRealty .com 100
VegasCBDStore .com 350
VFXSuite .com 50
ZMRG .com 500
MyEnsuite .com 100
summerbaskets .com 100
VirtualSavers .com 399
FitnessTrackers .com 500

Standard Pass


$ 99


For individual domainers, brokers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Access to great live and on-demand content.
  • Network with fellow investors, industry experts, and key industry players from around the globe.
  • Flexible integration into your workday.
  • Post-event access to the digital platform.

Channel Pass


$ 299


For individuals who represent a registry, registrar or marketplace.

  • Access to great live and on-demand content.
  • Instant access to your most motivated target market.
  • Test the waters for full-fledged partnership.
  • Network with investors, industry experts, and key industry players from around the globe
  • Flexible integration into your workday.
  • Post-event access to the digital platform.

Newcomer Pass


$ 19


If this will be your very first NamesCon event, then this deal’s for you! The perfect opportunity for new investors to fast-track their careers. Strictly limited to the first 150 newcomers!

This limited offer is only for first-time attendees and not applicable for sponsors: take this quick survey to get one of these, which have all the benefits of the Standard Pass.


DNAcademy Bundle


$ 499


  • A one-year subscription to DNAcademy, where newcomers and veterans master the arts of buying, selling, brokering, and investing in domain names.
  • Includes Standard Pass for NamesCon Online!